Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The last 20-miler with a few other runs sprinkled in

Saturday was our last 20-miler before Memphis and it was a good one. We went to the River Trail instead of running in Cabot with Brenda and Andrea. They were doing the Ballard Rd. Mountain Springs loop and after the weekend before Jane and I decided we didnt' want to do our 20 out there. The River Trail is great becasue it is familiar and has plenty of bathroom opportunities along the way no traffic and no dogs!!!!
I was dreading the run all week, orginally the weather people had forcasted 30 degrees and windy. We got lucky it was actually about 45 degrees but the wind was pretty killer!! There were times when it was pushing us every which way and on the Big Dam Bridge was the worst I bet we had 50mph wind gusts. I was really glad there weren't many bikes out because we were constantly getting pushed into the other lane.
We planned to start at 5:30 but it was almost 6:00 by the time we made it to the River Market and were able to start. We all had extra ear/head bands around our noses to keep us warm.. we looked pretty funny!! Cheryl it reminded me of our Rahling rd. run last winter!

I was wearing running pants, my favorite black tank with the back pockets a short sleeve tech shirt and a long sleeve tech shirt. I also had a throw away t-shirt which was great!! Right at the 1 mile marker there is a gas station it is at the bottom of the bridge I wasn't really feeling any stomach issues but I did need to pee and so did Kelly so we went ahead and stopped... well it was a darn good thing!! I took care of quite a bit of business that definately would have caused problems before the next bathroom stop.
It was a beautiful morning and the sunrise on the river was spectacular!! We were so happy we chose the River Trail. All summer long when we ran at the River Trail it was always dark until almost the Big Dam Bridge so it was nice that with the time change we actually were running in daylight. It was also great since portions of the trail were littered with tree limbs!! I was thinking of Cheryl when we were dodging all the debris!
Jane and I had decided earlier in the week that we were going to be good about our nutrition and we decided we would take in nutrition every 4 miles. I am proud to say we did a great job and I think it really made a big difference.
The hardest part of the run was the Big Dam Bridge because of the wind but I was really happy that I ran every bit of the way. We did have a weird encounter on the trail leading out to I-430 we were on our way back, Jane and I were running together and just a little behind us Michele and Kelly were running together. Up ahead we saw a man walking .. he would stop and then move from one side of the road to the other. We were a little nervous as we approached him there was just a really weird vibe coming off him but we passed without incident. Later we were kidding about the wind blowing us into the Arkansas River and Kelly said she was more worried about that man throwing us in the River!! That is how weird it was.
Karen met us at Murray Park which was at 14.5 miles for us... it was awesome she brought us PB&J sandwiches cut up into quarters, cheez its and water. AWESOME!!! What a sweetheart she is!! I'm bummed because she had been training so hard for the Memphis 1/2 Marathon but now she can't go because of work (National Guard). I'm glad that she is still running with us.
We had run through the trails around the Socceer Fields at Burn's Park so when we go to the River Market we we had our 20 miles. It was nice not to have to make loops around the President Clinton Library.
I left my Garmin on the whole run I never stopped it for any pit stops and there were a few but Jane would stop her's at most of the pit stops. It was interesting to see that we lost 20 minutes for bathroom stops
This was one of my best 20 mile training runs, I felt good most of the run and I never had any negative thoughts. Not one time did I think I dont' know how I am going to finish this and I felt great when we were done. Most of the time after a long run I start to feel dizzy and really tired after we stop running but not on Saturday. Really paying attention to our nutrtion really paid off and the pb&j at mile 14 really helped!!
I would take 1/2 a gel every 4 miles. Mile 4 and 8 it was a vanilla carb boom and then mile 12 and 18 was a strawberry kiwi Accelgel. I also would have a couple of pretzels when I took the gels to soften the blow on my tummy. Total intake was 2 gels about 6 pretzels and 1/2 pb&j sandwich.
After the run we met Curtis and Gary at Boulevard Bread Co. for coffee and toast and then it was a trip to Target for a few things. It was really fun having Jane with us! She usually drives her own car and has to leave early but she rode with us and was able to hang out :)
The Blackberry is on the fritz again :( now it's the little ball thingy. Arland has ordered me a new one and in the mean time I put my sim card in his Black Jack.. I don't like it I want my Blackberry back!!!

Bailey wasn't able to do her 20-miler on Saturday due to work so the plan was for Brenda to run the first 10 with her and Jane and I would run the second 10. Well it was a good plan and Brenda held up her end of the bargain but me not so much.
Jane and I met Bailey at Lisa's house I got there just a few minutes after 9:00am and it it was just a couple minutes later that Brenda and Bailey ran up.
We said good-bye to the other girls and off we went... from the very beginning Jane didn't feel good, she was really tight and just over all tired. We told Bailey that we didn't want our pace to affect her run and to not slow down for us. We all ran together for a little bit but soon enough Bailey pulled out ahead of us, we turned onto Mt. Carmel and had to run single file because of the traffic, next thing you know I look behind me and Jane has fallen back quite a bit... she had complained about her calf earlier so I turned around and told her I had Ibuprofren. She had already taken some so that wasn't going to help and she made the decison to turn around. I was in a quandry what should I do??? I didn't want Jane going back by herself but Bailey had gotten way ahead and I didn't want to turn around without her knowing what was going on. Jane told me she would be fine and to go on so I headed out to chase Bailey down. At first I was a little panicked because I didn't know if I knew the route, the only thing I knew for sure was we were turning on Lemay but when I rembered I had my phone and if I never caught Bailey I could always call Brenda for directions/help I felt better and relaxed. Luckily Bailey took a couple walk breaks and then stopped in a parking lot just before the turn to wait for me. We ran together for a little bit but mostly I was just just chasing her the whole time!! LOL I had just hit 5 miles when Brenda drove up to check on us.. I don't know what came over me but I decided to end my run and hitched a ride with her. I felt bad leaving Bailey out there along but we weren't really running together and I think she was running slower so I wouldn't get too far behind.
Considering I had run 20 miles the day before I felt pretty good the whole run.. no aches or pains just maybe a little tired. We went to Brenda's to let the puppy she was babysitting out for a bit and then we went back to check on Bailey. I think it was a good run for her... especially the first 1/2. The route she ran was pretty hilly and if she could have a good 20 miler on that route then she will do great in Memphis. Speaking of great 20 milers Brenda, Andrea and Robert had an awesome run on Saturday. They did two loops of Ballard Road and Mt. Springs and that is nothing but hills and they were blazing fast, they are definately ready to take on Memphis!!
So Brenda ran a very tough and fast 20-miler on Saturday and then turned around and ran a pretty hilly 10 miler on Sunday... is she tough or what??? :)

Monday night I met Kelly, Jane and Brenda in Krooked Kreek for an easy 5 miler. From the very beginning it was a tough run we hadn't gotten far at all when I really felt the need to pee but I was doing ok and then about mile 3 the stomach thing hit and it was all downhill after that. The one good thing I can say is that I was able to push through and get the whole 5 miles. It would have been very easy a couple of times to make turn towards Michele's house and put myself out of my misery but I kept going. The last mile was the hardest and I had to stop A LOT!

Tonight is another run in Krooked Kreek.......

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