Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weird Week

I have been feeling out of sorts emotionally and am in kind of a funk but the running is still happening and although most of my runs this week have been interrupted by stomach issues at least I'm getting them done and they have helped with my mental state!

Monday night the girls came to my house and we planned to run the route I came up with for Heather and myself a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much from the start I knew this wasn't going to be one of those effortless runs it was warm and Michele was with us. The high mileage from the week before caught up with me a little bit but it was over all a good run, we were running about a 9:40 pace until we hit traffic and had to wait several minutes for traffic to clear so we could cross Hwy 89 it usually doesn't take that long but something must have been going on at the High School because there were a ton of cars! We reached a cross roads and could have turned right and shortened the run to 5ish miles or turn left and get in at least 7... I was not feeling this run at all and kind of wanted to go right but luckily Michele was in the lead and insisted we turn left. Right around the 4 mile mark the stomach thing hit and I knew I had to find a bathroom fast. luckily for us Michele is related to haf the town and we were very close to Aunt Betty & Uncle Jack's house, Michele ran ahead and cleared the way for me to be able to use their bathroom. I was embarassed but they were SO NICE!! and they didn't even look at me like I was crazy or anything. Aunt Betty gave us all a bottle of nice cold water and Uncle Jack said we could come back anytime!! :)
We had to deal with a lot of traffic on this run in one of the neighborhoods we always run in this little white car came careening around a curve and almost hit us. It was dark but we were all lit up like Christmas tree's.. well maybe not that bright but between reflective clothing, lights clipped on our hats and blinky lights we were visible! We all yelled at him and a little later we hear what sounded like that same car coming up behind us, we thought maybe they were coming back to harrass us but thankfullly that wasn't the case.
We dodged cars all along First street and by the time we got back to my house we were all pretty thankful to have escaped unharmed!

During the run we were talking about wine and then Kelly mentioned she wanted to try the new Ultra Michelob light with lime.. wellllll I just happen to have some in my fridge at home so when we finished the run I opened a couple of bottles and poured everyone a sample. It was the perfect way to end

Tuesday my Dad and Stepmom (Vanda) arrived from Brazil. They will be making Arkansas home but plan to travel during the winters. My dad grew up in Ohio but for over 40 years he has lived in warm climates so although Arkansas isn't normally considered cold to those living north of us it will be to them.
Unfortunately their flight was delayed and I didn't get to go to the kids running program at Kylie's school. I was even going to get to pick up my pal Harry.
I ended up staying for dinner and also missed the Tuesday Night Flyer's running clinic.

Wednesday morning Jane and I were the only early birds we had a good run everything was going great until about 2.5 miles and the stomach thing started again. We weren't anywhere near a bathroom or Aunt Betty's house ;) I would have to do the crossing my legs thing wait for it to calm down and then run again, I think I had to stop 3 times which really wasn't that bad definately could have been worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday evening went to Livia's house for my Dad's birthday dinner. Lot's of good Brazilian food and my stepmom makes the BEST coffee, I think she brought a full suitcase of just coffee with her.

This morning it was just Jane and I again, well you can add the poop monster because she came for another visit... three runs in a row can I get a break please!!!!
It was much worse this morning... maybe the coffee & black beans and rice??? Luckily we weren't too far out maybe a mile when it hit so we turned around and headed back so I could use the facilites at Phillips 66... after the pit stop we got in a couple more miles for a total of 4 miles.

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gabsatrucker said...

Where's my favorite marathoner hiding? I need my weekly update!!

Hope you had a good week (or at least better than mine).