Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up Part 1 FSM 5K (Cabot Fest)

So much has been going on I dont' even know where to start.
Saturday the 11th was the Race for the Cure in Little Rock. Last year I didn't get to participate because it was the week after the Chicago Marathon and I still had massive blisters on the bottoms of my feet. This year for some reason I never got motivated to sign up and then I found out the local 5K was also a fund raiser for Cancer and all the proceeds went directly to local Arkansas families dealing with all sorts of Cancer not just Breast Cancer.

Several of us opted to stay in Cabot for this 5K but we had a strong showing of Cabot Cruiser women at the Komen 5K and they all did awesome!

Timmy was going to do this race but once they got his special bike unloaded he had a flat tire, they tried to air it up but no luck :(

Jackie C and a friend of her's had come early and parked at my house we all ran a couple of miles to together while Caitlyn hung out at my house.
I didn't get the timing quite right so we didn't get as many miles as I hoped but it was fun anyway.

I had not preregistered for the race so I took care of that and then Jane and I warmed up with Karen. I was feeling pretty good, not fast but ok. When we got back to the starting area Jane and I were running along when all of a sudden we are ambushed from behind... just kidding it was Gabby she came running up to us and gave us a big hug but seriously at first it kind of scared me!! LOL
The whole race was run on First street except for a circle through one neighborhood... a lot of people think that First street is flat but IT IS NOT!! it has lot's of long gradual inclines that can suck the life out of you!! I felt like I was racing but I dont' think I pushed it as hard as I could have. I knew there was a water station in the curve of the neighborhood and I planned on slowing just enough to grab a cup and try to just get my mouth wet but they were handing out whole bottles of water, I cant' run with a water bottle in my hand and I would feel so guilty taking one sip and throwing it down so I ended up not getting any water. After we came out of the neighborhood I could see Jamie up ahead of me walking, she is a fast runner so I knew she wasn't feeling great if I was catching up with her! I kept thinking just catch up with Jamie and then try to stay with her, well I did catch up but she took a walk break so I ended up ahead of her. When we got to the final stretch I wanted to sprint in but I just couldn't find that extra gear but I was able to hold steady and I finished in 28:11 Not a PR and at first I was dissapointed but then after thinking about it I realized that was I think my 2nd fastest 5K, not bad considering I haven't been doing much speed work lately.

Michele finished in 25:42 which was a huge PR for her... but I think this is the first 5K she has actually raced usually she is running with the kid's or like recently with Timmy.

Karen did great I don't remember her time but my goodness you should have seen her sprint in at the end!! very impressive.

Alex also had a PR and finished under 35:00 and that was with falling down in the last bit of the race.

The big story though was Caitlyn she ended up 3rd overall with a time of 22:4? a huge PR for this impressive 10 year old!

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