Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Hilly Weekend

It was a great weekend... HARD... but GREAT!!
2 mile race
32 mile Hilly, Hilly bike ride
Swim in Lake Degray
15.5 mile run
20 mile bike ride
1 trip to I-hop
2 trips to Starbucks
Up until midnight watching the Ironman Couer de Alene finishers.

I was Exhausted by Monday morning... seriously the thought of trying to blog was more than my tired brain could comprehend. I am caught up at work right now and I'm feeling good so here we go.

Saturday - Heat in the Street 2 mile Race
This was my first time at this race... I have done the Chase Race 2 miler twice now and both times had a good experience and this year had a big PR. The Chase Race is in March and it is usually pretty cool, if not downright cold. Well I think you can tell by the name of this race that it is NOT cool and can be downright HOT!
Arland and i didn't meet up with the gang at the school... he needed to load up the bikes and it's kind of silly to go to the school and then come back in the same direction.
Bailey, Jane, Joan, Vicki, Anabeth (Vic's grand daughter),Curtis, Gary, Josh, Arland, James B and myself were representing the Cabot Cruisers. Arkadelphia is a long way to drive for a 2 mile race but it was a Grand Prix and we are trying to have a team at as many of the Grand Prix races as we can. Plus we were going to be biking and swimming at Lake Degray afterwards.

Once we arrived we all warmed up... I knew in the warm up it probably wasn't going to be a good race. I just felt sluggish and my boob's hurt... yes my boob's hurt, I have NEVER had that happen before. I have been running for over a year and a half so that was odd.

I lined up kind of in the middle of the pack and I was next to a lady who Bailey and I kind of ran with some during the Mt. Magazine race. So anyway she is a good runner but I have been beating her lately so I didn't expect to be around her for very long.
The race started and I went out very conservatively... what was I thinking?? this was a 2 mile race no a 10K, plus there was a great downhill that I did not take advantage of at all. It was almost like I had forgotten everything that Coach Dennis has taught me over the past year. Finally just before we got to the bottom of the hill I let go a little bit but it was too little too late. The lady I started off with was right there with me and at one time was in front of me I didn't pass her for good until right around the first mile... there was another lady who I always beat too who started off ahead of me, it kind of messed with my head a little to run so long with her but like the other lady I did finally pass her. My first mile was an 8:47 which is not bad but considering the downhill it should have been much better. The second mile had a sharp turn and a weird hump in the middle of an intersection two things that slowed me down a little bit but overall I felt like i was working hard I felt myself slow at one point but I told myself nope gotta keep up the pace. Finally I saw some runners who were done walking back and they said just around the corner... and then there was Gary and James and Gary started running with me and was encouraging me, and honestly I thought I picked up the pace but damn when I saw the clock I was so dissapointed 17:57 32 seconds slower than my PR.
On the bright side Arland and Jane both had huge PR's and I was so proud of them!!!!
They had water, oranges, and banana's at the finish and then we all headed back out to run Anabeth in, well when we caught up with her there was no running her in she was flying!!!!! LOL

We had to walk back to the start which was great I like walking after a race, it helps prevent some stiffness. They were having the awards ceremony in a very nice gym/community center and we all sat around and chatted, but it took a long time and Arland, Gary, Curtis, James and I had to leave, we were meeting Cindy C. at Lake Degray for a bike ride and swim. Even with having a crappy race I still got 2nd in my age group.

Cindy was waiting patiently for us at the boat ramp so we quickly changed and got the bikes ready. I knew this was going to be a hilly route but seriously I had no idea what I was about to face.
First off let me point out that I was riding with Cindy C. Gary, Curtis and Arland. They are all fantastic bikers it just amazes me how strong and fast they are!!
So we get started and first thing we have a hill a very challenging hill even Cindy is breathing hard, but I think that's just because we hadn't had a chance to warm up yet. The hill's never ended just up and up and up, with a few downhills which were nice and helped you catch your breath. The road surface was TERRIBLE, I think they call it "chip seal" and it was very uneven and full of potholes.
Arland told the others at the beginning that he was going to stay back with me... thank you baby!! I hate holding anyone back but the thought of being out there alone terrified me! Curtis said I am going to ride with Annette too... well Curtis is the strongest rider of all!! I already blogged about how he stayed with me and Jane during the Tour De Rock and now he was going to ride with me again.. what a great guy!! I truly love him and Gary so much. We are so blessed to have them as friends!!
Gary is awesome too and you all know how much I love my Gary, but he is very intense, and he didn't say this to me specifically but he said something about no walking the bikes up hills.. I know that Rock has told me he had told her that before too... well you know where this is headed.. yep. This was a big hill and I didn't change gears soon enough or something, all I know is that I started leaning over and so I put my foot down to catch myself and that was it, I had to walk up the rest of the way, I will admit it I had tears in my eyes, I was so dissapointed in myself!!!! but Curtis was so sweet and positive and told me that most people would have to walk up that hill.
It was really hot and I haven't gotten the hang of drinking while riding yet... it just amazes me to think back to when I was a kid and all the stuff we could do on a bike.
Gary, Cindy and James had gone on ahead of us but at our first turn all of a sudden we see them coming from the opposite direction... they had taken a wrong turn, and they had lost James. I guess he didnt' turn around when they did.
We stayed together for a few miles and then took a water break... I really needed that water!! The thing about the bike is you don't realize how much you are sweating until you stop.
After the water break Curtis went on and played with Gary and Cindy for a little while, but Arland stayed with me... good thing too! I threw my chain going up a hill, I know I need to learn how to put it back on and I did watch Arland do it so hopefully if it happens when I'm alone I'll know what to do...not that I plan on riding alone but you never know when you will get dropped on a group ride.
Before that when we were still all together we had a little bit of a flat and I was leading going about 20 mph I felt on top of the world... and then Cindy just breezes by me like I was sitting still!!! LOL We kind of took turns leading and at one point Curtis was in front of me and Cindy rode by him and gave him that come on motion, well he took off after her and they were gone!!!!! I think Cindy might have regretted that later!! LOL
Everytime we had a great downhill I couldn't really enjoy it because I knew I was going to have to go back up it eventually... well there was one that was so awesome it was just down and down and down and curves which scared the crap out of me!!!! I think I let myself get up to about 37mph, and that was probably with the brakes pumping!
We had decided at the beginning we were going to ride an hour and fifteen minutes out and then turn around, orginally it was going to be 1:30, but Cindy said the big hill on the way back would slow us down, so the whole ride I was dreading that hill.
Remember that great downhill, well when it was time to go back up, it was just miserable. I had gone up one steep incline and I was just strugglign but I made it to the top and Arland was there waiting for me and when he saw me ride all the way to the top he was cheering and I was cheering, I was so happy.. until we started going again and I looked up and there was a mountain and you couldn't even see the top... I said a very bad word when I saw that!!!!! but we attacked it and of course Arland was way ahead of me, everyone was... but I kept plugging away and then just at the steepest part, just like before I didnt' change my gears in time and I got out of the seat to peddal but I started leaning and that was it I had to walk again :( again I had tears in my eyes of frustration. Finally we made it to level ground and Curtis came back for me... I had to tell him that I didnt' make it but he didnt' care he was just proud of me for making it as far as I had.
I didn't realize it at the time but that was the hill that Cindy had been talking about at the beginning... so I thought I still had another monster ahead of me. It was still hilly the rest of the way and I was really starting to feel fatigued... Curtis.. this is how strong he is, he would get beside me and put his hand on my back and push me!! That is amazing to me!! Of course I was still working hard when he did that, I was afraid if I didnn't pedal as hard as I could we would crash or something. It was funny at one point Arland had gone on ahead, Curtis had reassured him that he would stay with me, Arland had gotten pretty far ahead but with Curtis helpiing me we caught up, it was hysterical the look on his face when I was on his wheel... but then I backed off and he saw Curtis give me another push so he knew we had cheated!! LOL
We finally leveled off and even had some great downhills, but we were back on that chipseal stuff and it was so rough that my hands were going numb.
FINALLY I could see the turn... I was so happy!!!!!!!
When I got off my bike I could barely walk for a couple of minutes, but it was time to change into bathing suits for the swim. This was a serious swim for them but I was just doing it to be in the water and relax my muscles a little bit.
I gathered all my stuff to change and Cindy and I headed to the restroom, it wasnt' until we were inside that I realized I still had my helmet on! LOL
I'm not much of a Lake swimmer but the water was beautiful and the perfect tempature and it helped cool us down and rinse off all the salt! LOL
C,C & G swam two laps out to the bouey and then it was time to pack up and go. I almost forgot that Arland and Gary rehydrated with a beer! I had a drink of Arlands right when he took it out of the cooler and it was delicious!!!
We were pretty famished by now... I didn't eat anything before the race and I had half of a banana after the race and a half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the ride. Definately not enough nutrition!
We decided to go to I-hop in Benton and although it was 2:30 in the afternoon we had breakfast.. strawberry pancakes, I don't think anything has ever tasted that good!!!!

It was after 5:00 when we finally got home, got unloaded and settled down... I got online for a few minutes made a few phone calls and then sat in the recliner... well within minutes I was sound asleep!!!! I guess I slept for about an hour. Now it was time to prepare for my long run Sunday morning.

Sunday - 16 mile long run.

Brenda had helped me come up with a route for the long run, I wanted something with loops to help make it easier for others to join in at different mileage points. I chose to do the Candlewood 3 mile loop and the Cherry 5 mile loop twice. This way I could pass the gas station several times in case of emergency. Brenda and Bailey were doing the first 11 miles with me two candlewood loops and one Cherry loop. We planned to meet at 5:15, I really wanted to get there early but that just doesn't seem to work lately, I pulled up right at 5:15 and lo and behold there was Gary :)
I was feeling ok from the day before, no soreness just maybe a little tired. A hilly 32 mile bike ride is probably not a good way to prepare for a long run.
We were all together at the start but then Gary and Bailey pulled away, I was trying to keep a conservative pace, but we were doing great until about 1.5 miles and yep you guessed it, the poop monster attacked. I would have to walk and then stop and cross my legs and then walk and then eventually would be able to run again... and then repeat walk, stop run. Brenda stuck with me the whole time!!! Finally we got to the gas station and I was able to take care of the problem, but because of the bathroom break and the slower pace due to having to stop we decided to cut a mile out of the next loop. I suggested we do the New Country loop instead which cuts out almost exactly a mile... well I HATE New Country, it is VERY hilly but it is shaded. Bailey and Gary went on ahead but Brenda and I were holding a good pace, I was a little worried about the hills but unlike last week when I ran them at the end of my long run, I was in better shape for them this time. As we were going up the first one Brenda said smaller steps, slow down... I guess I was kind of attacking the hill and was pushing too hard, well those smaller steps worked and we ran every hill no problem. Gary and Bailey would circle back for us occasionally so they would know where to go.. LOL
We made it back to the school at almost exactly 6:40 which is the time we had arranged for others to meet us, including a new guy who was going to be running with the group for the first time.
We saw Kelly pulling up just as we turned into the driveway and there was a whole group of people.. some of them were waiting to meet Vicki for the beginners bike ride including Joan... who by the way really rocks the biker chick look!! seriously she looked amazingin her biking shorts and Jersey!!! She is beautiful now, I can just imagine what a knockout she was when she was younger!!
So for the next loop we had Kelly, Jane, Rock, Cheryl who came all the way from Sherwood (Thank you) Nick the new guy and continuing on were Brenda, Gary and Bailey. This time Gary and Rock pulled out way ahead, and then there was Kelly, Brenda, Nick, Bailey and Jane... and then Cheryl and I, thank you Cheryl for sticking with me. I was just starting the second half of my run so I didn't want to try to keep up with the others. Jane and Bailey also would circle back and then Kelly did too at one point.
This time no stomach issues but I decided to not take any chances and stopped at the gas station anyway... as did Cheryl. Everyone else went on to the school..so we ran over there after our potty break. I didn't want to stop for too long, so we said our good-bye's to Brenda, Kelly and Nick... Gary had already left. Now it was Cheryl, Jane, Rock and myself. When we were on 321 Rock and Jane got a little ahead but waited for us when we got to Woody Lane and we all ended up running together after that. I was really pretty pleased with this run, I did start getting tired and having to take walk breaks but it was mostly in the last couple of miles. Considering what I had done the day before I thought i did ok. Because we had to take off a mile from one of our earlier loops I knew it wasnt' going to be exactly 16 miles... usually I'm pretty fanatical about being exact but I was ok with it this time. Running to the bathroom twice had added on a little bit and then Cheryl reminded me of a little loop we could do off of Bradley that would add on a little so by the time we got back to the school I had 15.5 and I decided that was good enough... there was no way I could run around the parking lot I was just DONE!!!!
It was really great having Rock with us, I know she isn't used to taking walking breaks and such but she stuck with us and we all chatted the whole time... it was great!
When we got back I got my towel out and did a few stretches, Jane and Rock had to get going, so we said bye to them and then Cheryl and I decided we deserved a Starbucks break!! :)
We shared a reducded fat blueberry coffee cake and we both had the "skinny" cinnamon dolce latte... Very yummy!!
Cheryl is moving into a new house soon so we were looking at paint chips etc... I cant' wait to help her decorate!!
For the past couple of months I haven't been having any hip flexor problems... but when I got out of the car at Starbucks and then again at home they were really stiff... still not as bad as they used to be!!
As soon as I got home I got online to start tracking our friends who were doing the Ironman Couer de Alene. Once I knew what was going on with everyone I took a shower and relaxed for a little bit. I had orginally thought that after my long run I might meet up with Vicki and Lisa F. to do a 40 or so mile bike ride.... luckily I came to my senses and realized that just wasn't going to happen and wouldn't be smart!!! During the run Brenda, Bailey and I talked about going on a shorter ride later in the afternoon...when Jane joined us I told her about it and she thought it sounded good too.
It ended up that Bailey went on a Mountain Bike ride with her hubby Ty who just got back from Iraq on Friday, and then Jane couldn't go, but at about 2:30 Arland loaded up the bikes again and we headed to Brenda's house. On Friday Brenda bought a new Specialized Dolce Elite exactly like mine... so now Francesca has a twin sister :)
It was really hot when we were loading up the bikes and for a split second I thought sheesh we are crazy for this.
I am so glad we did it though... it was a great ride!!!! Brenda had a great route picked out and with help from Arland we modified it a little bit and we were able to stay off some of the main roads like Mt. Tabor and 321. It definately wasn't flat but it felt great compared to the previous day's course. We did encounter some crazy dogs... I have never seen a weiny dog run so fast!!! as we were passing this one house he came after us, but after I got over the initial shock I wasn't worried..heck it was a weiny dog how fast can he run... apparently very fast!!! LOL He gave us a run for our money!
Oh that reminds me, when we were on New Conuntry during the long run on Saturday we were approaching one of the hills, Brenda turned to say something to me and then all of a sudden she screams get back and I see this blur of black... there was a chow trying to sneak up on us, but when Brenda yelled at him he threw on the brakes, it was almost comical.. if I hadn't been so terrified!! LOL
So again I have to say what a great ride it was on Sunday... we didnt' lolly gag but we didn't hammer either and it was just a great ride.
Brenda's bike got a piece of glass or something in the brakes, and was making an awful noise... we were worried it was something worse but when we got back to her house Arland took the wheel off and fixed it.
Tony was home so he and Arland chatted for a bit while I went inside and changed clothes... I had chaffed really bad on Saturday's run and I coudldn't bear the thought of having to ride home in my bike shorts!!! LOL

When we got in the truck I saw I had missed a call from Michele... I was so excited, I couldn't wait to hear how things were going in Idaho. We chatted for a while, James was doing awesome, and she and the kids were having a blast.

Kelly had texted me about going to Starbucks just before the bike ride... and when we got home she texted agin to ask if I still wanted to go. I hadn't seen her in over a week so although I was pretty exhausted I said yes and she came to get me. So for my second trip to Starbucks I shared a chocolate chip cookie and had another "skinny" cinnamon Dolce :)
Kelly and I got to catch up a little bit, but Arland was waiting for dinner so I couldn't stay gone for too long. Usually on Sunday evenings we go and have spend a couple of hours chatting!!

I had put one of Andrea's awesome Mexican Lasagna's in the over before I went to Starbucks and when I was at Brenda's she gave me a big beautiful home grown tomato so I made a spinach and tomato salad to go with our Lasagna. It was delicious and much needed.... other than the 1/2 cookie and 1/2 blueberry muffin I hadn't had much to eat.
I watched a little bit of t.v. and then about 9:00 went back to the office to watch the Live feed of the Ironman finish line...I stayed there until midnight. I got to see everyone except Kristina finish.
It was midnight when I finally fell into bed......

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gabsatrucker said...

Oh wow, that's a heckuva weekend!! You definitely had me beat. Hey, I had to walk up a couple of hills too so don't be frustrated, everybody else seems to have a lot more experience on the bicycle than you so don't forget that. I've also thrown the chain and it's not hard getting it back on, just a little messy. Good luck if you're doing the Brickfest Sat.