Friday, June 13, 2008

A Few Good Run's

This week has been filled with good runs, some better than others but overall much better than last week!!

Sunday: This was a recovery run with Joan, Heather, Cheryl, Kelly and Robert. I might have already written about it but oh well. We met at SSE the usual spot, we all agreed we wanted a slow easy run, several of us were recovering from the Mt. Magazine 15K and Cheryl had done a long run on Friday. I felt good the whole run!!!! No bathroom issues and the legs and everything felt good. Saturday afternoon and evening my calf was really killing me but I iced it and took some ibuprofren and it was fine when I woke up Sunday morning.
It was great to have Cheryl with us, although she hasn't officially joined everyone considers her a "Cruiser" and when she hasn't been around for a while they ask me about her.
After the run we went to Sonic and I got my "lemon ice" If you ask for water with lemon's you don't get as much ice so I just order a large ice with lemons and then add my own water. It felt good to sit outside we were in the shade and there was a nice breeze so I was almost dry by the time we left.

Monday: I met Kelly at the Community Center at 5:30... well she was a little late, but that's ok who hasn't overslept, I know I have!!
This was a great run, we stayed close to the community center for the first part but I never had any stomach issues so we went on past the high school etc. I think we only took one or two very short walk breaks and we averaged 10:00 miles for the first 2 miles and then our third mile was a 9:35!! woo hoo and it felt good!

Tuesday: Last week I didn't do the whole workout and pretty much just felt like crap the whole time. I went out too fast during the warm up and then when we got to the track with the sun blazing down on us I just didn't have it in me. Dennis always asks us to come to the Clinic with fresh legs, well I didn't do that either, I had run twice on Monday a.m. & p.m. and done a Pilates class.
THIS week was a whole new ballgame, I ran Monday morning but then didn't do anything else until Tuesday night. I think I was just fresher physically and mentall because I had a GREAT workout!!!! I made it a point to do the warm up run at a relaxed pace and that also helped a lot! Because of my poor showing the week before Dennis made me do the Intermediate workout instead of the Advanced... that was fine by me although I had mentally prepared myself for the advanced. Jane, Cheryl and I did the workout together and it was GREAT!!
Livia has come back to the Tuesday Night Flyer's and it always makes me so happy to see her out there! Tracy and Kylie also came along and Kylie would wave everytime I went by and that always gave me a boost!
Oh and Aunt Tamara did great too, she did the Intermediate workout too!

Wednesday: No running.. but I did do the Bun's & Ab's class and Jane's Latin dance class. I have loved Jane's class from the beginning but I am also loving the Bun's & Ab's!! Kelly is a great instructor and that hour just fly's by! Of course it is painful but I can feel my leg's and glutes getting stronger! Which comes in handy for running and the Bike!

Thursday: Arland, Cheryl, Jane and I met at the CC at 5:30. This was another really good run, very steady but not too slow. We all ran together, except Arland would occasionally get out ahead of us, but then he would walk and let us catch up to him. Cheryl's garmin was beeping at her quite a bit and I think she finally figured out it was her heart rate alarm. We took a few walk breaks but still ended up with a 10:45 avg. pace for 5 miles, and this included several good little hills.
Speaking of hills Arland and I took the bike's to Greystone last night and got in some great hill training. I have to admit though all those hills were starting to wear on me and towards the end I was getting kind of cranky! LOL
I did conquer all the hills and was expecially excited that I made it all the way up the 2 steepest one's without having to walk my bike!! :) WOO HOO!! Of course I was shaking like a leaf by the time I got up the last one and could barely get off my bike when we got back to the Club House! LOL

Friday: This morning I met Jane at the Community Center... I called her last night to tell her I made it up the moster hill and while we were talking we decided to run this morning. Normally Friday's are my rest day but since we are doing the Tour de Rock tomorrow I knew I wouldn't get a run in so we decided to make today a run day. We initially thought we would only get in 3 miles, but we were pretty speedy and managed to get in 4 mile with a 9:58 avg pace... again it was hilly/incliny through the whole route but I felt good the whole time and again no stomach issues. We did take a couple of quick walk breaks, it is taking a little while to acclimate to this heat and humidty but even with the walk breaks we did great and our last mile was our fastest.. you know I love it when my last mile is my fastest mile :)

I've been missing Michele, she is in Oregon visiting her mom and then next weekend her and the kids will go to Idaho to meet James. James is doing his first "Ironman" triathalon at Cor de' Alene... He has trained so hard and I am so proud of him!! I wish I could go too!!!

Tomorrow is the Tour de Rock and then Sunday I will do my long run of 15 miles.


Cheryl said...

Wow - I can't believe you finally got it all down! I guess I'm the slacker now!

gabsatrucker said...

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow but will only get to ride with him until the first rest stop (and that's only if I can keep up with him until then!). After that he's doing the 62 miler. More than likely I'll be the only woman that's got both her arms tattooed so if you see me say hi if I haven't found y'all first. Cabot has an awesome group of people!!