Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun & Flying on the Track

Monday night was the first night of the Cabot Summer Track nights. Jackie Clinton started this program last year as a way to help get the kids off the couch and away from the video games for a little while.
Kylie and I attended almost every week last summer and I am hoping we can do the same thing this year.

Monday afternoon I drove to Magness Creek and picked Kylie up, she had swimming lessons earlier that day and had just woken up from a nap when I arrived. We ran back to my house so we could change, we wore our matching Skirt Sports running skirts and pink tops... well Kylie had on a pink sports bra, she just looks too cute!!! She tried to talk me into just wearing my pink sports bra but no way that is happening!! She said don't worry NaNa I will just tell everyone not to look at your belly! LOL

When we got to the Track Jane and Sara P. were there getting ready to go on a run, when they saw our matching outfits and hair Jane had to take a picture for me :)

It was a small group maybe 8 kids. There were 4 all together in Kylie's age range. After signing in Sara S. led the kids in a little warm up and then it was time for the first 100m. Kylie did great she ran the whole way and finished 3rd, I ran with the kids to help keep them going. Then it was the bigger kids turn, sheesh there were a couple little boys who were just flying!!!
Next was the 200 this is a little more challenging for Kylie but she ran the whole thing. She did complain a little bit.. she said "my hips are killing me" wonder where she heard that before??? LOL
After the 200 she decided she didn't want to run anymore, she went and played in the sand box with a couple other kids and didn't run the next one. I thought she was done for the night but I wanted to stay until it was over to support Jackie. Next thing you know when it was time for the 800 Jackie and Kylie come walking toward me and Jacke said that Kylie said she would run if she could be in the magazine. Last Fall Kylie was involved in the Runner's World photo shoot with Jackie it was very fun and exciting and we were thrilled that Jackie invited Kylie but we were a little dissapointed when the picture they chose didn't include Kylie.
I guess I forgot to mention there was a Reporter/Photographer there on Monday night. I didn't want to get Kylie's hopes up too high that she would be in the paper but there is a small chance she will be included in the picture/pictures they use. Hmmm I don't even know which paper he was from?? LOL
So here comes Kylie she is ready to run, the planned distance is 800 but I know that Kylie is only going to make it around the track once! She started out fine but around the 100m she started complaining about her hips again and started walking... I encouraged her to keep going and in a little bit later she started running again, I told her we would just run slow and steady and she ended up finishing and even sprinted it in at the end.
We had a great time but we forgot to get her ribbons at the end.. OOpp's bad NaNa!!!

Tuesday Night was the "Flyer's Clinic"
Once again Dennis had me doing the Intermediate workout... but this week I didn't have anyone my pace to run with. With Kelly out of town I thought that might happen, I was hoping Jane would be there but she had attended a Motivational Seminar and didn't get out until late.
So I brought along my i-pod, I usually only use it on 5 & 10K races.. I've noticed that Josh, Rock and "tri"Lisa all use their i-pods during speed work and since they are so fast I thought maybe it would help me. I didn't wear it for the warm up because we usually all talk while we are running. I waited until after Dennis spoke and it was time to start.
I LOVED IT!! It was a tough work out and I definately felt it, but something about having music just made me feel like I was flying!!!! One of the things that helps the most is that I can't hear myself breathing. Towards the end I don't know if I was on my last 90second's or my last stride but I was passing Joan and I could tell she was saying something to me so I took my ear pod out, she said you sound like me with your breathing. Well Joan is a heavy breather so I knew I must have really been huffing and puffing... as well I should like I said it was a tough workout and we were running at Interval pace. We did 3 sets of 3x90 seconds at interval pace with a 1 minute jog between each 90 seconds. Basically it kind of ended up being 9x300 because that is usually where I was when my 90 seconds was up.

After I completed the workout I ran my cool down with Livia... I am SO glad she has come back to the Clinic and is running again :) Right now she is still struggling a little bit but once she builds up her endurance she is going to FLY!!!
We did our cool down by running in the opposite direction on the track... all those turns can be hard on your knees!!!


Susan said...

Ultra cute pic!!!

Anonymous said...


Yes Tuesday night's workout was TOUGH - that is the first time I thought I would NOT make it through a workout :)

gabsatrucker said...

Awww, you two are the cutest things ever!! I'm doing my darndest (is that an actual word?) to turn my niece into a runner.