Friday, April 9, 2010

Marathon Streak

Back in the summer while training for the Long Beach Marathon I got the bright idea to run six marathons in six months. My reasoning was that it would be easier to stay trained and run several marathons in a row versus taking a break in between marathons and then having to start all over for the next one. Arland of course thought I was nuts when I first presented my idea but once he realized I was serious he jumped on the bandwagon. Somewhere along the way, most likely after we became Marathon Maniacs I started obsessing about adding spinny stars, being a Maniac wasn't enough now I wanted more bling so now we have expanded our streak to complete 12 marathons in 12 months.
This Sunday we are running the Hogeye Marathon in Fayetville AR. it will be # 7 for me and # 6 for Arland.
Two years ago we ran the 1/2 marathon and it is a hilly torturous route, and I had a miserable race!! I'm a lot smarter now, well I hope I am a lot smarter!! Of course how smart is it to run a marathon on a course you know is painful???? Oklahoma City Memorial was our original pick for our April Marathon, but this marathon streak thing is starting to get expensive so we chose Hogeye instead. We wouldn't have to take any vacation days and the cost of the race and hotel is much cheaper. WELL, about a week after we signed up for Hogeye, my friends Kristi and Missie decided to run the Oklahoma City 1/2 Marathon. It is going to be Missie's first half and I wanted to be there. As soon as I told Arland I was going to Oklahoma City he decided to come along too. So now we will run two Marathons in April.
On May 21st we will be traveling to North Dakota for the Fargo Marathon. I knew I wanted to do Fargo months ago when it first showed up on my radar, thanks to my friend Cathy. I have an old friend who lives in Bismarck and I had been looking for North Dakota marathons so this just seemed perfect. Arland on the other hand was not so sure, but once Arland met Cathy, David, Wendy and Ken when we were in California they helped me convince him he had to do it too!

We also have a couple of ideas for June and July but nothing is firm yet......

I need to do my race reports for Surf City (Feb) and Little Rock (March). I do plan to write them up eventually...................

So back to Hogeye... it will be Marathon # 13 lifetime.... I hope the#13 won't be unlucky for me.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Good luck with your marathons!

I definitely think it's easier to run marathons 2-4 weeks apart than training for only 1-2 a year. That said, I don't often PR and if I'm lucky to do so, it's not by much. It's a trade off, I think, quantity vs. quality. But slower marathons can be just as fun!!