Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly Activities Part 1

Lower humidity and temps this week has made running so much more pleasant!! Before I get to that I wanted to just talk a little bit about last weekend. Saturday morning I met Brenda early 5:30am to run a couple of miles before the rest of the gang were meeting at South Side for the early Saturday morning run. The run started off great, it was hot and humid but I was enjoying my run with Brenda when all of a sudden the stomach thing hit. Luckily there was a short cut back to the hwy through a church parking lot. I was pretty miserable and not sure if I was going to make it when I look up and there is the big red truck riding up to my rescue!! Arland had been on his way to the school to meet for the 6:00am run. He scooped me up and dropped me off at the gas station while Brenda finished the run. Talk about perfect timing!!!
We had a pretty good size group waiting for us at the school and soon we were all headed out to do the "Cherry Loop" it is a hilly route but I like it. I wish I could say the rest of the run was great but while the bathroom break took care of one problem it left me with another.. concrete legs. I dont' know what it is but sometimes if I have to have a potty break in the middle of the run it seems to give me energy and others it completely takes away my energy. I still ended up with 8 miles for the morning so I was happy.
A frozen chi tea helped make me feel better afterwards.

Saturday afternoon Kelly. Cheryl and I met at the movies in North Little Rock to see "My Sisters Keeper" It was nice to spend some time with the girls, even if it was at a sad movie!

Sunday morning Arland and I met Brenda, Sarah, Lisa and Gabby at the water dept. for the regular Sunday morning Brick. It has been great to be back on the bike and on the way out (we ride out for 30 minutes and then turn around) it was awesome we were really flying, we were so proud of ourselves... well then we turned around and had a pretty stiff head wind to condend with!! I have to say it was tough and we had to work much harder!!
I had planned to run 5 miles but ended up with 3 and there was quite a bit of walking! I haven't had to walk that much in ages especially during a 3 mile run but that head wind really did my legs in!! The good thing about the run was getting to run with Gabby :) I haven't seen her in ages so we got to catch up a little bit.

Arland has chicken on the grill and I need to prepare some pasta... part 2 later :)

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