Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunday Run & Bike

So after getting up at 3:15 am on Saturday morning and running 18.5 miles you might think I would be tired would maybe take a little nap or just relax at home. Nope, I was really feeling great and energized so after having lunch with Arland at Daily Grind, Rachel and I decided we wanted to do some shopping. We called Livia to see if they might want to go too... well yes indeed they did, so Rachel and I went to Magness Creek to pick them up. Livia wasn't ready and I have to admit that when I laid down on Kylie's bed for a minute to watch High School Musical with her I was tempted to take a little nap.
We headed to NLR to the Mall and just wandered around, we didn't have anything specific we were looking for, just hanging out.
One of the stores we spent the most time in was Victoria's Secret... Kylie was loving looking at the makeup and had me put some lipstick on her.. they have the disposable stuff to test out the makeup. After the lipstick she wanted eyeshadow, black glittery eyeshadow... I got a few looks for doing that but it looked cute on her if you think a 5 year old who looks like she is 21 is cute. Luckily it didn't stay on very long.
So we spent some time at the Mall, and then Barnes & Nobles or "Starbooks" as Kylie calls it. Katie, Kylie and I went there while Rachel and Livia went to another store to return something. I was starting to feel a little fatuiged by then.
Once Livia and Rachel got back we all went over to Target, I got Rachel a couple new tops to run in and Livia and I got Kylie a new running outfit, she paid for the top and I paid for the skirt.
It was almost 8:30 by the time I got home and I pretty much walked in the door washed my face brushed my teeth and fell into bed... well ladi down on the couch and fell asleep while trying to watch HGTV.

Sunday morning I was meeting the group at SSE for a 7 mile recovery run. There was a pretty large group and when we started out I was running with Heather, Kelly,Jane and Joan... about half a mile into the run I noticed that Joan had dropped back so I turned back to run with her. I really love running with Joan she has lot's of stories and she runs her training runs at a slower pace. It's funny because if you didn't know her and you only ran with her on a weekeday run you might think she is slow... but NO..she will smoke you in a race... at least she will smoke me!!!
So anyway we are running at a very comfortable pace and having a nice chat... and then I see that Jane has also turned around and come back to run with us :) so the three of us had a very nice run, I think the route was just a little bit over 6 but Jane and I both wanted 7 and Joan went with us when we added on a bit at the end.
I left feeling really good which is a nice feeling on a run the day after a long run and it was on a hilly route.
No stomach issues.

When I got home from the run I heated up one of Andrea's healthy pancakes read some blogs and then took an hour nap, Saturday had caught up with me a little bit.
At 1:30 we were meeting the Biker's for a 40 mile bike ride from Mt. Carmel church in Cabot to Lonoke and back.
This was my first time riding with the group and I was nervous, these people are all serious bikers and having been biking for a long time!!
Luckily Brenda was there and she and I ride about the same pace. When we first started I thought Brenda, Vicki and several other newer bikers were right behind me. We were on hwy89 headed to Furlow, it is a pretty busy road so you don't want to dilly dally around. I was going at a decent pace but I was waiting for them to catch up. Several people passed me and finally when Marty passed me I decided that I was tired of riding by myself so I sped up and got on his wheel. We rode together for a little while, we couldn't really chat becaue you had to be single file, but at one point we were going by a house that had ballons tied on the mail box and I suggested that we just bag the ride and go to the party... he was pretty agreeable to that idea but we kep on going.
After a bit Arland passed us and Marty said something about I might want to go on. I really didn't want to pass him but I just had a sense that I should. I think he needed to spit or something.. LOL I also think he dropped his chain and if I had been on his wheel we might have collided.
So I rode the rest of the way to Furlow by myself. I was really doing well and for a long time anytime I looked down I was around 18 mph. Of course that was on the flats!
Finally we get to Furlow and everyone pulls over to get something to drink.... I chatted with James Martin a little bit and then it was time to head out. This time I stayed with Brenda, and the others I was tired of riding alone!!
During this stretch of the road we were riding in front of Heather and James and Brenda was kidding them about us being in front of the "Ironmen" ... of course it didn't take long and they were in front of us, but we stayed on their wheel's for quite a while. Next stop was a Shell station in Lonoke, everyone stopped there but Cindy, Brenda and I along with a couple others decided we wanted a soft serve ice cream cone from Mc Donald's. We ride over the 67/167 overpass to Mc Donald's stand in a really long line and then when it's our turn they tell us no ice cream the machine is broken :( Oh well I got a diet coke instead and that was probably better for me... although I could have used some extra energy on the rest of the ride.

As we are walking out of McDonald's we see the others are already leaving... so we all gulp down our drinks and head out ourselves. We are really too far behind to catch up, well at least me and Brenda are, we had been battling headwinds, crosswinds etc on most of the ride so far and it was about to get worse. The crosswinds are almost as bad as the headwinds because you really have to hold on tight so you don't loose your bike. Pretty much for the next 10 miles or so Brenda and I have a "whinefest" we moaned and groaned the whole way!!! But we also got to talk a lot so that was nice. There were many times when I thought to myself why do I do this!! LOL
Finally we are at the corner of 31 and Mt. Tabor and everyone is gathered around a huge shade tree. I don't know how long they had been there but it didn't take long for them to be ready to leave again. I think we only had time for a quick drink.
Oh I can't forget to mention how great Arland is... he was the last to leave McDonald's and when he passed us I told him to please not leave us behind. So he would go on ahead and every few miles circle back to check on us, give us advice etc. One of the things he told us was we needed to "get down in our drops" it would cut the wind resistance etc. So we did that and we rode quite a while like that finally I just couldn't stand it any longer... it was really putting a lot of pressure on my "lady bits" and about the time I came up Brenda did to and we both said the same thing about where we were hurting!!
At Mt. Tabor a big group of riders was going in one direction and then a few of us were going straight down Mt. Tabor.. the big group wanted 40 miles and I just wanted to be done!!! LOL
I don't even know how many miles we had left at that point but I was really starting to get tired and those lady bits were really tender and we had more wind and now we had hills. Seriuosly I wanted to cry!! Luckily I had Brenda the whole time and we also had Jane. Jane would ride with us for a little while and then she would almost always drop us on the hills... we need to learn her secret!!
Finally we make it back to the Church... Cindy, Andrea and James had also gone the same route as us but they are much faster and they were finished and already gone by the time we made it back.
The best part of the ride??? was getting off the bike and walking over to the gas station and buying the biggest Diet coke fountain drink they had!! I do believe that was the BEST diet coke I have EVER had! I had some homemade peanut butter cookies from Daily Grind and we walked back over to the church and found a shady place to sit and drink our soda's and eat our cookies... That was pure heaven!!!!!!

Arland was the first biker back from the 40 mile group, he really hammered those last miles and finished well ahead of everyone else. He has really gotten so strong on the bike!!!!

Finally everyone else made it in... they asked us how long we had been back so I told them two hours!! obviously they didn't believe me ;)

When Arland and I turned into the neighborhood I saw a strange truck in our driveway and was thinking what the heck... then I remembered that I had told Tracy to bring everyone over for a swim on Sunday. I could hear the kids playing in the pool before I even got out of the truck. Tracy, Aunt Tamara and my Cousin Jerry were there with all the kids. Kylie, Jamie's son's Bryson & Brody, Jerry's daughters Kylie & Brenna and my neice Katie and a friend of hers. I just LOVE seeing the pool full of kids having fun :) AND the best part Tracy and Tamara had brought Lasagna & spaghetti and there was some leftover for us!

Total miles for the weekend
Running 25.5 - Total for the week 40
Biking 33

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